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Our Services in Detail

For Homeowner and Condominium Associations

Extensive management options designed to meet your Community's needs

Our comprehensive suite of services includes end-to-end solutions for every community’s needs. Whether your association requires basic financial oversight, full-service management or you are a developer building a new community, we can work with you and your board of directors to build a comprehensive service plan that works for your community.

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Financial & Administrative Services

From day-to-day financial and administrative tasks to year-end reporting, this service level reduces the amount of time board members spend on administrative duties. You will have access to experienced professionals trained in providing accurate and complete financial services through generally accepted accounting principles and thoughtful administrative services delivering continuity, expertise and bandwidth for your community. 


In full partnership with your board of directors, financial and administrative services include the following:

  • Annual budget preparation 

  • Monthly financial reporting 

  • Assessment billing and collection

  • Delinquent member assistance 

  • Coordination with legal counsel for lien and lawsuit filing 

  • Monthly bill payment with option for online approval 

  • Resale/closing attorney letter preparation

  • Welcome package and onboarding for new neighbors 

  • Corporate tax return coordination with a certified public accountant

  • Form 1099 processing and distribution to vendors 

  • Annual corporate registration renewal 

  • Cash management of operating and reserve funds 

  • Annual meeting report preparation and mailing

  • Impeccable service and assistance to owners 

  • Access to consultation and guidance with our experienced financial specialists 


Community Information at Your Fingertips 24/7

One of GCM’s guiding principles is transparency and one way we deliver on this is by embracing technology, providing easy access to information online that board members need and convenience owners expect. Our web-based tools provide real-time information for board members and owners through an individual, customized community page as well as a password-secured community portal. 


Unique Community Pages

Owners can search for their community on our home page. The communities we serve have their own unique page where (without needing to remember a password) owners can quickly find their community association manager’s contact information, view assessment amounts and due dates, view their community’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Bylaws and access convenience links to pay their bill, obtain assistance, order closing/resale documents, architectural modification form, general FAQs and new owner information. 


Community Portal

On the My Community page or on any page on our site, owners may log in to their Community Portal to access their personal account ledger and information, pay their bill, view community documents and communications, view social calendar, make reservations, find forms, read community-specific FAQs, etc. 


Board Member Access 

Board members have ready and real-time access to the Association’s financial statements, invoices, violation letters, homeowner listing, financial ledgers and balances, covenant compliance reports, architectural modification applications, check register, invoices, etc. 

Financial Services
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Full Service Management

Full-Service Management is entirely tailored to your community’s needs providing turnkey management of all association operations. Our team provides concierge-level service to your board and owners in your community. From day-to-day operations to long-term planning, we are here to build a highly functioning and successful association with convenience, continuity, fairness, transparency and integrity.  


In addition to Financial and Administrative Services listed above, full-service management also includes the following:

Community Covenant Compliance Services

To further expand our offering, your community may also find it could benefit from covenant compliance assistance. Here we provide convenience, continuity, consistency and fairness as we help your board enforce the requirements of your Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). From regular inspections identifying potential violations to managing requests for architectural modifications, we provide third-party objectivity which frees up more time for your board and eliminates some of the less pleasant aspects of this duty.

  • Regular community inspections in a clearly-marked GCM fleet vehicle

  • Covenant enforcement/drive report 

  • Online tracking and record-keeping of violations and architectural modifications 

  • Creation, distribution and management of violation notice letters 

  • Fining or suspension of amenity privileges

  • Owner assistance with architectural modification request applications

  • Coordination with architectural change (ACC/ARC) committee members

  • Architectural rules and covenant consultation 

  • Homeowner mediation and legal coordination 

Maintenance and Vendor Services

  • Vendor management 

  • Vendor insurance tracking and verification 

  • Bid solicitation 

  • Work-Order request and follow up 

  • Facility and amenities maintenance reviews 

  • 24/7 Emergency services


Management Services and Assistance

  • Annual meeting coordination and attendance 

  • Assistance with committees 

  • Association insurance review

  • Risk assessment of existing reserve levels and coordination of a professional reserve study 

  • Manager consultation and policy guidance

  • Access to industry specialists for advice

  • Developer transition assistance


Optional Services for Full-Service Management

  • Newsletter production and distribution

  • Membership directory reproduction and distribution

  • Board training

  • Gate and card access management

  • Lease administration

  • Large project management

  • Insurance claim coordination

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Full Service Management
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The GCM Approach to Covenant Inspections 

We approach covenant inspections a little differently than other management companies. Our inspections are conducted in a well-marked, GCM fleet vehicle giving homeowners peace of mind as to who is driving through their neighborhood and confidence your association enforces its covenants. 


Our covenant inspections are conducted utilizing GPS technology, which streamlines the process, reducing errors, improving communications and reducing lag time.

Developer Services

We provide management solutions to Developers that help enhance the value of their communities. Through each stage of development, we partner and collaborate with you to deliver expert guidance and support helping you build a strong foundation for your newest community association. And, we work directly with home/condo owners in the community as well as manage Association business, so you can focus on your core business of building and developing beautiful communities. 


Our Developer Services include the following.

  • Management and policy review of Bylaws, CC&Rs and architectural design guidelines

  • Develop first-year and build-out budgets 

  • Develop rules and regulations, resolutions and collection policies 

  • Review and obtain Association insurance 

  • Negotiate with contractors for landscaping, pool management, utilities and other services as necessary 

  • Assist with transition from developer to homeowner control

  • Provide closing attorneys with closing instructions for association fees to be collected on new home sales 

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the association (ie. financial, on-site inspections, homeowner support, etc.) 

  • Provide monthly financial statements 

  • Provide Association with an online community webpage and password-protected portal stocked with all pertinent Association information, documents and forms 

  • Act as liaison between the declarant board and the homeowners, vendors, etc. 

  • Complete lender questionnaires

  • Provide welcome packets and onboarding to new owners 

  • Establish operating and reserve bank accounts

Developer Services
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Services for Self-Managed HOAs

Some boards prefer a self-managed community association. We acknowledge this as quite an undertaking, so we offer our professional consultation services to you. Please contact us for more information on how we can partner with your self-managed association.


If things change or you wish to pursue the convenience and peace of mind an association manager can provide, please consider us. We can customize a service package specific to your needs and would love to partner with you! 

Self Managed HOA Services
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