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The Business of an Association.

It's all in the details.

The Board of Directors and its committees take on significant responsibility when it comes to running an Association. Frankly, it is the equivalent of running a business that your family and all your neighbors also happen to live in. It can be quite time-consuming and often has many moving parts. Not to mention the sensitive nature of navigating through residents’ (your neighbors’) concerns while still enjoying where you live.


Some Board of Directors and Association responsibilities include: 

  • Legal obligation to uphold the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and Bylaws

  • Manage all aspects of the community’s common property amenities which could include entrance and common-area landscaping (like flowers and other plantings, mowing, irrigation and lighting), gates, a pool, tennis courts, pavilion, play area, etc.

    • Establish and uphold rules, proactive and reactive maintenance and repair work, utilities, reservations and scheduling, season start-up, card access, permit management, troubleshooting, vendor project management, etc.

  • Financial management like collecting assessment payments and fees, paying bills, regular financial reporting, annual reports, budgeting, reserve analysis, etc. 

  • Risk management like reviewing insurance policies for proper coverage, dealing with insurance claims, assessing and addressing safety among its common properties (pool, gates, tennis courts, clubhouse, roads, etc.), reserve studies and planning.

  • Fairly and consistently overseeing covenant compliance (identifying and enforcing potential violations in covenants).

  • Fairly and consistently reviewing and approving architectural changes and maintenance requests.

  • Addressing questions and feedback from owners 

  • Compiling paperwork for selling properties and onboarding new owners

  • Planning and running annual meetings and other events

  • Administrative work like record-keeping, mailings, communications, etc. 

  • And, ensure everything above is consistent and sustainable year-over-year as board and committee members change.


The list goes on. It’s a lot to ask of a volunteer board of directors and committee members. And it is a lot to consider and plan for as a developer creating a new community.

Partnering with an Association Manager makes sense. 

At GCM, we take all this responsibility … or as much as you want us to take … and, in partnership with your board of directors and/or developer, manage your community thoroughly, accurately and transparently. We specialize in the details, so you do not have to. 


Our team is experienced, professional and proactive. Our Culture of Care guides every interaction with your neighbors and vendors. We are here to serve you and your community, to make life a little simpler and free up your time to focus on enjoying life in your community.


Want to learn more about Community Associations and the role a management company plays? Check out our FAQs

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  • How do I log in to the community portal?
    Click here or click in on the Community Portal login in the menu at the top any page on our site. If this is your first time signing in, you will need to create an account and, for security purposes, you will also need a security key (a series of numbers). This was included in your welcome packet from GCM or you can contact your community association manager or our service team.
  • How do I make a payment?
    Click on the Pay My Bill above or here.
  • I’m selling my home, what do I need to do?"
    Check out the section below on selling your home. For more information, please reach out to your community association manager or contact our service team.
  • What do I do if I want to make changes or improvements to my home or property?
    Most all community associations have some level of oversight when it comes to making changes to your property and home. Each community is different, but you may need to seek approval for something as small as a new planting or updating some paint to installing a pool or fence. Check your community’s Declaration (see link above or visit your community portal) for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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