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Architectural Improvement and Modification Requests

ACC/ARC Documentation Requirements

Depending on how your Association's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) are written, you may have specific documentation you must supply when requesting to make an improvement or modification to your home or property. If the application is missing required supporting documentation, some Associations will ask for additional information while others will send an automatic denial because it was considered incomplete. Please submit all required supporting documentation completely and thoroughly so your review is not delayed.


Many of our Communities use our web-based ACC/ARC application, so we created this list to help you understand the documentation requirements for each project type. If you have questions please reach out to our ACC service team.


If your proposed project is not listed below, it is a good rule of thumb to include the following in your ACC/ARC application:

  • Site Development Plan showing the location of the home on the lot and the location of all improvements or proposed improvements on and to the lot including but not limited to all driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, patios and decks. This may include photography of the property or drawings with markups to show the planned improvement(s).

  • Proposed Building/Landscape Plan and Specifications of any improvement proposed to be constructed or located on the lot including dimensions and specifications in sufficient detail so as to enable the ACC/ARC committee to determine whether or not such improvements conform as well as are suitable and consistent with the provisions of the your Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

  • Complete Materials List of the project including material composition, all exterior materials and finishes including paint samples, stain color, hardware.

Providing as much documentation in advance will help in preventing an automatic denial or delay upon submission. If you have questions please reach out to our ACC service team.


Please provide a survey showing property lines, photograph of the fence requested and a drawing showing location of the fence in relation to the home and property lines. The drawing or details should include the height of the fence, length and gate placement, as well as the type and style of fence to be installed. Also submit the proposed stain color of the fence including the manufacturer, swatch number and color. If you are connecting to an existing fence, you must provide written approval from the neighbor included with your request.


Please provide the name of all plant types, number of each plant, trees by species, placement (drawing or photo) and description of proposed landscaping changes.

Playscape/ Recreational Equipment

Please provide a photo of the requested equipment and a drawing or photo showing the requested location for installation in relation to the home. Certain communities do not permit certain recreational equipment and some require a fence for this request. Please consult your Community’s governing documents for more information or contact your Association manager.

Exterior Painting

Please provide paint manufacturer, type, color including number/ swatch samples and specify locations to be painted in relation to home (photograph of the home is helpful as well) and which color will be applied to each. Examples: Body, Trim, Shutters, Front/ Back Door, etc…



Please provide the manufacturer type, color, style and notate if it will be different than the style and color originally installed. Please provide a photo of the actual shingle or a web link for review.


Structural Addition/ Modification

Please provide a detailed description of the addition/modification requested, survey of property, drawing and/or plans showing the dimensions of the request, which also includes a before and after look of the project. Also include all items listed under the fence, landscape, painting and roof categories if any of these items will be included in the requested project.

Tree Removal

Provide a photo showing the tree(s), their actual location(s) and include whether there are plans to relocate the tree, replace it or remove it permanently, as well as what you will be doing to the affected area once the tree will be removed (Examples include grinding the stump and sodding or covering the area with mulch, planting a new tree, etc.).

If you have questions please reach out to your Association manager or our ACC service team.

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