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Architectural Design and Review Application (ACC/ARC Request)

Before completing this application, please confirm this is the correct form for your community. Some communities require different architectural change applications/requests that vary from this web-based form. Be sure to check your Community Page, Community Portal or email your association manager if you have questions. Please be advised, if you complete this form, but it was not the correct form for your community, you may be asked to start over, using your community-specific ACC/ARC Request form/application. 


Kindly complete all the fields below and be sure to upload supporting documents. If you have any problems uploading the documents or find that you need to send along additional items after submitting the form, please email the documents to In the email, refer to your property address and a description of the request so that the team can be sure to include this additional information in your application. If the review committee has questions or needs additional information regarding your application, you will receive an email to the email address you provide in this application.

Application is good for only ONE project type (see below) at a time.
Please complete a separate application for each project request.

Contact Information

Project Details

Project Type: Select one.
Is this request in response to a violation letter you received?
Is this property a corner lot?


If this request is to add or modify a fence, please complete the following:

Who will be doing the work?

Work will be completed by

Supporting Documentation

Most Associations require specific documentation be included in architectural modification/improvement applications. Please attach all necessary information as required and/or to help the ACC/ARC committee clearly understand and make an informed decision about your request. If the application is missing required supporting documentation, some Associations will ask for additional information while others will send an automatic denial because it was considered incomplete. Please submit all required supporting documentation completely and thoroughly so your review is not delayed.


If you have any problems uploading the documents or find that you need to send along additional items after submitting the form, please email the documents to In the email, refer to your property address and a description of the request so that the team can be sure to include this additional information in your application.

Learn more about documentation requirements here.

If you have questions please reach out to our ACC service team.

Upload Supporting Documentation

Upload Documents here like .pdf and .doc. 

You can only upload one document per Document Upload button. If you need to upload more than three documents, email the others to

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Upload Images here like .jpg and .png. 

You can only upload up to 10 images per Image Upload button. 

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Terms and Conditions

The Owner(s) of the property listed above are the only authorized parties eligible to request architectural improvements and modifications. 


It is both the Owner's and contractor's duty to determine that the proposed improvement is structurally, mechanically and otherwise safe and that it is designed and constructed in compliance with applicable building codes, fire codes, other laws or regulations and sound practices. The Owner is responsible for any building permits that may be required, building code compliance, survey of property lines and arranging for required inspections and approvals. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver or modification of any codes. County or city approval does not constitute Association approval. If connecting to a neighbor's existing fence, written permission must be provided from the neighbor to connect. The Owner hereby grants permission to the Architectural Change Committee/Architectural Review Committee ("ACC/ARC") of the Community to enter the property and make reasonable observation and inspections associated with the modification request and completion of the project. 


Any approval is contingent upon improvements or modifications being completed in a neat and workmanlike manner and reasonably within the construction schedule listed on the application. Improvements and modifications must be installed as submitted and approved by the ACC/ARC committee. Any variation from the original application must be resubmitted for approval. An inspection of the improvements may be made upon completion to ensure the modification has been done to specification. Plans may need to be updated or revised from time to time. Any changes or revisions to any and all approved plans must be resubmitted for approval. Improvements and modifications made without approval may be subject to penalties and fines up to and including removal.


The Owner must adhere to your community's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The ACC/ARC review, comments, and/or approvals do not relieve the Owner of their responsibility and obligation to comply with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (unless a specific exemption as permitted in the Declaration is granted by the ACC/ARC).


The Owner bears full responsibility (including costs) for placement of any structure in relation to all easements and buffers and obtaining necessary permits. Modifications are to be constructed as approved and placed within the Owner's property lines. If final install does not comply with guidelines, relocation will be at the Owners’ expense. If any structures are erected before approval, the ACC/ARC Committee may mandate removal at the homeowners’ expense. 

The Owner acknowledges and agrees that the ACC/ARC and Association assume no liability resulting from the approval or disapproval of any plans submitted. The ACC/ARC and the Association assume no liability and make no representations regarding the adequacy or quality of any submitted plans or whether such plans comply with any or all governing authority requirements. The Association, the ACC/ARC and any contracted employee or member thereof, shall not be liable in damages or otherwise because of the approval or non-approval of any improvement. 

Your application has been submitted. Thank you!

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